Who Says You Can’t Get Something For Nothing?

OPI and David Jones

Calling all savvy Aussie shoppers! As a one-off exclusive offer for those shopping over the Long Weekend, OPI would like reward you with a complementary bottle of OPI lacquer, with every purchase. Buy any OPI Nail Lacquer 15ml and be rewarded with a second lacquer complimentary from OPI. Go get ‘em Tiger!

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Where Do I Join?

M.A.C.’s Cult of Cherry is luscious, dramatic, undeniably eroticized. Ripened lips, Spiced Hot Chocolate eyes or Illegal Purple nails, combine to seduce with a sweet-and-shock, way-to-go dark. Separates the bitter from the sweet. This drama just gets more delicious:

Cult of Cherry from MAC is available in Australia from 8th September, 2008 at all MAC locations. New members welcome *

*But, um…maybe don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

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Downtown Delights.


One of my favourite autumnal treats is to store my bubbly and bright or pretty and pastel nail polishes, much adored during the warmer months, and ready my digits for the deliciously dark and daringly delightful polish colours much coveted and ever-so-couture when worn in the colder months. Again, this autumn and winter fashion season sees the ravishing return of gloriously urbane nails in deeper, super pigmented, and trend-setting hues. Beauty Marked! has kicked off the season with the Limited Edition Downtown Collection from Zoya. Do be sure to check out these edgy beauties on your travels as you continue on your journey to great style.

The LE Downtown Collection:

Zoya’s trendy Downtown Collection is available in fine salons and spas nationally. Telephone 1300 855 644 for stockist details. Too hip!

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Some Fabulously Fun Facts About Our Nails!

Did you know?…

Too cool!

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Beauty Mail!


Dear Beauty Marked!

Thanks for all the time and expert work you put into this blog. I am continually amazed with how each and every day you manage to post something so cool and very inspirational. I love it!

I wanted to know what you thought of acrylic nails and whether or not they are a bit old fashioned. I particularly like the french acrylics.

You are very welcome Gorgeous One, as it’s my complete pleasure!

You know, I must say, I don’t half mind acrylic nails to be honest. Mid length to just longer than short and naturally squared in shape look adorable, especially when they are immaculately maintained. In fact, when they are sculpted in the way just mentioned, acrylics can look very natural and their faux status is darn near imperceptible. I don’t think the longer more talon like acrylics are particularly on trend, but if that’s what makes one feel beautiful then Go For It! I say. As for a good ole french manicure, well, who can pass up this bit of classic loveliness, now really? Shortish and natural would be the operative words when it comes to acrylics. Do though be sure that you are going to a nail salon that is not only reputable, but observes the imperative and highly stringent hygiene regulations if you do decide to go the faux.

Again, it’s always a pleasure to receive and answer cherished reader emails, so please feel free to keep them coming.

-BM! xx

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Now I Have A Few Questions For You…

I’ve always wanted to know this about you…so I’d just thought I’d ask. Please email me your answers or post them as comments below. I am, so very much, looking forward to reading all about them. *happy dance*

-BM! xx

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Look At This Little Cutie.


Oh my goodness! How darling is this baby nail clipper? This little “cutie pie” is courtesy of Tweezerman and not only does it look adorable, but it works a treat! Tweezerman’s large handled, ergonomic Baby Nail Clipper is a fantastic beauty tool for keeping the Wee One a picture of their gorgeously groomed, perfected selves. Don’t be fooled by this clipper’s jejune appearance as it is well and truly in the big leagues when it comes to performance. This baby nail clipper is a chip off the old block. It does Tweezerman proud, maintains the family standards and established reputation. *whispers* The Tweezerman Nail Clipper even works well on “big people’s” fingers too should you be unable to resist the temptation to use this “cute as a button” clipper. Who could blame you? Love ‘em!

Visit Dateline Imports for Tweezerman Baby Nail Clippers and so much more.

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