Beauty Reminded.

“The important thing is to always remember how beautiful you are and to remember that the world around you will not particularly tell you this, so you will have to be real strong in remembering it for yourself. All the validation that is going to come to you about how good you are, in terms of your essential nature, is the validation in which you will give to yourself. Because if you don’t give yourself that validation then even if somebody else is trying to give it to you, you won’t believe them. ” -Marianne Williamson

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A Beauty Down…But Most Certainly Not Out.

Hello Lovelies,

Just a wee post to let you know I haven’t been “as” AWOL as it may seem. I am currently, more graciously so at times than at others, incubating a soon-to-be bouncing BM! beauty to round out my lusciously large tribe of children, and it seems I am really meant to get the FULL experience this time around. I have been ordered strict bed rest for the bulk of the second trimester which I am currently midway through. *happy dance* When all is going along swimmingly, I am allowed to serve my sentence of bed rest at home (hence the odd sneaky post while allowed, ever so briefly, to venture to my Obstetrician’s appointments etc.) but at times I am required to be under the watchful eye of the midwives and other medicos at the maternity hospital for a spell, hence the sporadic posts. All and all, I just wanted to let the bestest, most loving, and ultra gorgeous readers in the world know: I may be down for the moment, but I am most certainly not out. Baby Beauty Marked! is due in very early May, so judging how fast time always seems to fly, I am sure to be back in the beauty saddle before too long. Plus, you know me, I am, indeed, still continuing to scribe and research much of what this beautiFULL world has to offer (especially for those cheeky ones of us on bed rest…you’d be surprised) while laying low and very much looking forward to continuing to gorgeously share it all with you. I mean really, as we all well know, I just can’t help myself now can I? Tragic, but true.

Just for the moment,

BM! xx

NB. I pinned up the magnificent muse pictured above just because she reminds me exactly how one is properly meant to “do” bed rest.

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