The Dark Side of Beauty.

I suspect all the real Emos and Goths out there are really dirty on all of “us” who are really diggin’ our foray into the dark side of beauty. Dark nails are all the trend at the moment. Yes, yes, I can hear all of you who have been rocking the black nail polish since, well, forever, cringing. But, you’ve got to give the rest of us a fair go. Dark nail polish on short, squared off nails that’s immaculately applied is the Shiz! Love it! I can’t help myself from craving nails dipped in Couverture, boysenberries, the shimmeriest of dark blues (I’m thinking sexy car ducco blue), or black plums to name just a few. EnGs (Emos and Goths), just to make you feel a little less ripped off, what if those of us venturing into the underworld of beauty promise not to wear chipped dark polish or darks on long nails? We’ll leave that particular style to you, the Pros. Deal?

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Where The Beautiful Women Are.

Yesterday, in Australia, Clinique launched the results of their “Global Survey”, which complied the results of over 10,400 women in 13 countries and between 15 languages! Not a shabby effort by far! Clinique’s “Truth in Beauty” survey yielded some very interesting results, like: The vast majority of Indian women (84%) and Russian women (80%) rate women from their own country as the most beautiful in the world. Conversely, women from Germany and Japan chose women outside their own country as the most beautiful. Australians believed women from their own country to be most beautiful, followed by the women from Scandinavia and Italy. 52% of the women polled think that women from Italy and India are especially beautiful. How interesting. I was also intrigued by the fact that, according to the survey, the statement that “self-confidence comes from the knowledge that I look good, was true by 71% of Australian women surveyed, 90% of the time in China, 97% from Mexico, 80% from the US, 74% from South Africa, and 96% from Korea. It’s so true isn’t it? I wholeheartedly believe, that when you feel good, that translates almost instantaneously into how we look. It’s like our self confidence allows the abundance of beauty that lies within us to flow on to our outward selves. That’s good stuff.

Besides you, do you think there are there beautiful women in your neck of the woods?

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What is my beauty world coming to?

Oh, no! Not another thing to prematurely age me, make my skin go even more wonky (as is it’s want), or just freak me out even more! I just had a new product from Clarins cross my desk, that claims to be the pioneer in the Anti-Pollution skincare and makeup arena. CLARINS is set to launch Expertise 3P (Poly Pollution Protection), the most advanced pollution protection available today. I don’t doubt that it is a leader in it’s class ( it may well be the only one in it’s class), as is Clarins’ custom. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Clarins products, absolutely, but I really didn’t need, yet another thing brought to my attention, to give me the “willies”. Eek! Expertise 3P is a atomized spray, that is rich in plant extracts prized for their anti-oxidant and anti-pollution properties. Clarins Expertise 3P (according to Clarins) “helps to preserve the skin’s youthful qualities while slowing down cellular ageing linked to the harmful effects of all modern pollution. Optimizing the effectiveness of regular skincare products, Expertise 3P refreshes the skin, revives the complexion’s radiance and instantly becomes a new youth and beauty protective step to add to the daily skincare routine, for all the family! IF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES CAN TRAVEL THROUGH WALLS, IMAGINE THE LONGTERM EFFECTS THEY ARE HAVING ON OUR SKIN!” Oh, Lordy, this might be all I can bare. *reaches frantically for the Expertise 3P bottle (knocking over the elderly and small children) and desperately sprays it on*

*takes 3 deep breaths* I’ll let you know how I go.

…Backs out of the blog to go and don her pink bio hazard suit… just to be sure to be sure. Wink.

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So What’s Beauty Marked! All About?

Beauty Lives!
I have always wanted to start a blog so I thought I would finally give it a go. I am a makeup artist, beauty consultant and beauty writer. I am the head cook and bottle washer of my site and I absolutely adore what I do. My main aim is to make women feel beautiful and to show them how gorgeous they really (already) are. My philosophy about beauty is that we are all beautiful! We are all infinitely beautiful and should be empowered to bring all the beauty that lies abundantly within us to the outside. So really, our inner beauty aught to be reflected in our outer selves as well. I, wholeheartedly, believe that whatever will empower and assist an individual to actualize his or her infinite beauty, self confidence and generosity should be embraced. So thats what I do. I , joyfully, live my life being of service to those wishing to get even more gorgeous!

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