A Cheerio For Your Hair!

Is your hair hankering for a bit of hydration after braving the winter months? Well thanks to Herbal Essences your locks are in for a wonderful and welcoming change. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is perfectly formulated to quench the thirst of your parched tresses. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner enriched with orchid and coconut to replenish lost moisture and give you healthy-looking, shiny hair. Hello Hydration is just that surprisingly cheap and ultra cheerful shampoo and conditioner you’ve been after!

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Oh, Is That The Time?

Where does the time go? Is it nearly the 31st of August at 5pm EST, already? I hardly noticed. Okay, okay, maybe my nose did grow a wee bit when I wrote that, but I am still so very excited about Beauty Marked!’s nomination for the 2007 Australian Star Beauty Blog Award that I couldn’t help myself. I just don’t want the voting to close before you have a hot minute to pop by and Vote *cough* For Yours Truly *cough* if you feel so inspired. Gosh, the time sure does fly by when your having fun! * still happy dancing*

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Betty Who?


There’s nothing Betty Davis eyes about those arresting peepers. These super polished and super beautiful eyes are courtesy of the ever-so-talented and ultra charming Tom Pecheaux for Emmanuel Ungaro AW08. When asked…the dashing Tom Pecheaux wanted us to know all about those uber alluring and exceedingly sultry eyes created from sheer M.A.C. genius:

Cue eyes built up in winged, multi-dimensional shadow, a seamless mix of eyeshadow in Showstopper and Carbon (to make ebony brown) pulled out from the socket. Fluidline in Blacktrack wrapped along the upper and outer half of the bottom lashlines and a feathering of eyeshadow in Fiction (a chromatic olive) on the lid. The brows were tinted deeper with a speedy brush through with mascara in Charcoal Brown followed by a brow brush to pull extra attention to the siren-like gaze.

Beauty Marked! absolutely has to agree, this look is just pure unadulterated smolder. I’ll have a pair of those, thanks!

Order up this look and much more M.A.C. gorgeousness online or at your nearest M.A.C. counter. Mmmm…

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Beauty-licious Skin!

Bellaboo™ Skincare System is a stellar skincare range especially designed for the younger beauties out there who are just after one thing… great skin! Bellaboo™ Skincare System not only gives young girls the opportunity to look after and to maintain their gorgeous skin in a skin-friendly way, but it’s positively bursting with beneficial organic and natural ingredients. Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is the hero ingredient in the Bellaboo™ Skincare System. According to Beauty Marked!’s sources, Sea Buckthorn Berry is:

Not bad for a humble berry is it? The Bellaboo™ Skincare System is comprised of a 3 step system and one anti-blemish spot treatment and is ultra user-friendly while remaining courteously effective to younger skins.

Check out Bellaboo™ Skincare System at www.bellaboobabe.com for more or telephone 1300 788 305 (in Australia) for local stockist details. Too cute!

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A Stitch In Thyme…

Run out of your preferred anti-dandruff shampoo or don’t have any and wish you did? Never fear, Ms. Necessity is here! Just dash out to your thriving herb garden and pluck a handful of fresh thyme (don’t worry, mine hasn’t quite grown sufficiently for picking either *wink*) or about 4 teaspoons of dried and add to 500 mls of newly boiled water. Stir and let sit to cool. Thyme is a highly effective antiseptic or rather the essential oils it contains are and have been used to great effect throughout the ages. Once the thyme infusion has cooled, strain the thyme and compost or discard. Retain the cool infused water and use it as a final leave-in rinse. Ta da! What dandruff?

Onya, Ms. Necessity!

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All Hail The Seasoned Professional!

Exaltations all round for the original and true doyens of beauty: our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and all other well put together elder stateswomen to have ever graced our presence. Here! Here! While waiting in the doctor’s surgery to have my hand tended to yesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to take in some of the most delightful, well put together dears, who even in illness and varying degrees of infirmity still made a gracious effort to allow their inner beauty to manifest outwardly, which was unreservedly beautiful not to mention inspiring. These regal beauties, each and every one, were tidy and well groomed. Some ensured they had lipstick on while others both lipstick and blush. I am sure even a bit of foundation could also be accounted for amongst these gorgeous women. I glanced a recently rinsed and set hairdo and even detected a subtle waft of what would have been a favourite fragrance, no doubt. You could tell, these women had done this many times before. I don’t imagine they would even think of heading out without their face on in some degree, a brush or comb of the hair, or an uplifting spritz of perfume, at the very least. It was so wonderful to see, doubly so because even when not their most sprightly, these magnificent women still made an effort, which heralds the mark of a seasoned and true professional beauty. Just splendid.


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Silly Me.

Ouchy. I did my left hand, specifically my thumb, a mischief very early this morning and I am off for all the requisite x-rays, pokes, prods, and potential plasters now. So apologies, My Lovelies, but this update will have to suffice for a post for the moment. If only I could type brilliant tomes one handed. If only I could type brilliant tomes for that matter….one day. Never mind. So for now, wish me luck and let’s hope that if I do need a cast, they’ll, at the very least, whip up a gorgeous pink one for me. Do you think it would be a bit much for me to ask for vintage roses on it as well?

-BM! xx

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