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I have always wanted to start a blog so I thought I would finally give it a go. I am a beauty coach®, makeup artist, intuitive beauty consultant and beauty writer. I am the head cook and bottle washer of my sites Beauty Marked!® & Get Even More Gorgeous With Beauty Marked!®, and I absolutely adore what I do. My main aim is to make women feel beautiful and to show them how gorgeous they really (already) are. My philosophy about beauty is that we are all beautiful! We are all infinitely beautiful and should be empowered to bring all the beauty that lies abundantly within us to the outside. So really, our inner beauty aught to be reflected in our outer selves as well. I, wholeheartedly, believe that whatever will empower and assist an individual to actualize his or her infinite beauty, self confidence and generosity should be embraced. So that’s what I do. I, joyfully, live my life being of service to those wishing to get even more gorgeous!

-Jen Adcock

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