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Dear BM!,

I have a quick question about eyebrows. Apparently, I am “supposed to” stay away from tweezing or waxing the hairs above my brows according to the “experts”. Why is that? What harm can I do? This blanket warning sounds rather scary to me.

Thanks for your beaut question. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really understand this rather hard to discern warning that is often given about establishing a “no go zone” in regards tweezing above the brows. Perhaps, it’s just a bit of scaremongering, as is some folk’s wont, but please do write in if you cleaver possums have any inklings as to why. After all, the hairs above most certainly need tending to, that’s for sure (think Cro-Magnon Man). The hairs above the brows have the very same rate of growth as below the eyebrows and have just as much influence on the overall shape of your precious arches as does the area I affectionately call the “underbrush”. We say at Chez Beauty Marked!, if you are competent and, more importantly, confident in removing and clearing out rogue brow hairs below the eyebrow, you surely can do the same above.

My only suggestion to you is that if you are waxing make sure the wax is slightly cooler (and only just) than what you would regularly use below the brow, in order to retard that perilous “runny factor” that can be the undoing of so many perfect eyebrows. Yes, you know the one…(sadly, I think we all do). And, if you are tweezing, first brush your brows downward, towards your eyelashes, with a brow groomer, in order to isolate the hairs most annoyingly perched above your eyebrows in order to effectively target them for removal before having a go and then… Go For It! *cue roars from your very own BM! cheering squad* “You can do it! We know you can! If you can’t do it, no one can!”


BM! x

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  1. grace replied:

    I tried doing the top, did it all.. but the regrowth isnt as nice as the bottom. It comes out all uneven and dotty and the first thing you see on the forehead, whereas when you look at eyes the undergrowth just blends in with the hollows of the eyes. So do a bit at a time I think!

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