Nice Day For Ducks…

I don’t know about the weather in your neck of the woods, but in Beauty Marked!’s, it’s been pretty abysmal. Light showers one minute, scorchingly hot and humid the next followed by hail, threats of hypothermia and hideous torrential downpours. The weather has just been unreal and more labile in the shortest space of time than most makeup maven’s FOTDs can, quite possibly, stand. This crazy, ultra changeable weather reminds me of a fun, spirited article I once came across on the web titled, ‘makeup for a monsoon’. Gotta love the web. Oddly enough, I recall it offering some pretty good tips to keep in mind and the stellar pearls were pretty much in accord with anything I could come up with. Lets see…from memory, the monsoonal makeup essentials were:

Waterproof mascara
creamy lipstick in a trans lip/cheek type colour
Long last gel eyeliner
Powder eyeshadow or loose pigment
Cream blush
Powder blush

Makes sense to me. The only things I recall not on the list, but would be an ever-so-useful BM! addition to the Makeup Mavens Monsoonal Makeup Essentials would be:

Lip and Cheek stain
Mineral Makeup
Colour-free Lip balm

With these three added items, you’d be pretty sorted. The lip and cheek stain would be a fab base for when everything else either melted or blew off in all wonky weather. Mineral makeup is generally pretty water resistant, easy wearing, lightweight, and protective while offering you a medium coverage for the most part and doesn’t tend to go manky with heat, sweat or rain. Lip balm…well this ought to be everyone’s staple beauty item as it can be swung in a great many directions with masterful effect for the most part. What other beauty product can you think of that can double or even treble as a hair styling product, cream eyeshadow and blush when mixed with pigment, and function as a spot makeup remover in a pinch? Lip balm can freshen up most makeup when tending to running repairs, all the while acting as a sneaky bit of moisturizer for those rogue ashy patches that can become manifest in the mayhem of the weather of the moment. *idea*

I don’t know about you, but I think you’d be better than sorted if you battened down the hatches with these beaut meteorologically inspired bits of makeup magic in your arsenal. In fact, you’d be one darling ducky indeed.

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