Wonderfully Wacky-Do and Hair Free Too!


I received an email the other day that made me giggle a bit, absolutely smile an even bigger bit, and ever so pleased to be a bit “Out There”. Here’s an excerpt from the most excellent email below:

Hello Beauty Marked!,

“I have to say that your rather well informed, albeit unorthodox approach to beauty is really refreshing and always a great read. I wasn’t too sure I’d get into the daily beauty affirmations or enjoy the beautiful quotations you have posted as much as I have. They are just so different. But I think the thing I am most pleased about is your inspirational quips that you liberally share. I also love that you are so wonderfully wacky-do, but in the coolest, most well groomed way…”

i just had to share this gem of an email and weigh in to say how much I so appreciate and embrace my card carrying Groomed Wacky-Do status and that I couldn’t ever consider passing up an opportunity to spritz on a fine fragrance, slick on a gorgeously-rich red lippie, have a mani, pedi, blow-dry, brow shape, wax, facial, to meditate, re-align my chakras, have a massage, or to commune with a magnificent crystal. No way José! But the best bit about this email is that you lovelies obviously know it too. I love that! Thanks for noticing and an even bigger thanks for being you!

-BM! xx

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  1. Beauty Marked! replied:

    The gorgeous “Happy Hippy Faery” was artfully drawn by MIchael John Morris.

    January 30th, 2008 at 10:04 pm. Permalink.

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