What’s With All The Fruit?

I just had to squeeze in a post about this current fruit-filled frenzy going on in skincare these days. Well, I’m please to let you know that there is, indeed, a method to this fruit-a-licious madness. Here’s an ever-so-brief bite of info about a few of the gorgeous fruity bits finding their way into our skincare:

Apple Trés soothing on the skin and is chockers with tartaric and malic acids which gently exfoliate.

Grapes Also very soothing on the skin and act as a mild toning astringent.

Cantaloupe/Rockmelon Most excellent for hydrating and soothing inflamed and agitated skin.

Lemon Contains a bumper amount of citric acid that counteracts an overly basic skin PH that is often a result of product buildup and endeavors to clarify skin that has fallen prey to the excess alkalinity. The citric acid in lemons also acts as an anti-bacterial and astringent agent. It can also be mildly bleaching over extended period and in larger undiluted quantities.

Papaya/Paw paw Contains the active enzyme papain which is incredibly effective at dissolving keratin and can be used to rid the skin surface of expired skin cells especially when used in combination with other known exfoliators. Papaya is also soothing to angry skins.

Pineapple Bromelain is the effective exfoliating enzyme in this fruit which also rids skin of expired epidermal cells and can dissolve keratin over time.

Passionfruit Very refreshing to the skin and can be mildly hydrating.

Strawberry A scrummy smelling fruit that is ever so mildly bleaching thus has a slight brightening effect on the skin when used over an extended time and is wonderfully soothing and toning.

Tomato A mildly astringent fruit, thus its toning abilities are effective on oilier skins.

Mother Nature sure is one clever chook!

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