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Hiya Beauty Marked!,

Why do you often suggest that there are times that are better for waxing and tweezing than others? As far as I’m concerned anytime is a bad time. LOL

I hear ya, sister! What a beaut question and expressed sentiment. I have, on occasion, found myself to be a card carrying member of the “No Time Is the Best Time to Wax or Tweeze Club” too. The reason I often suggest that, if possible, it’s best to avoid the week before our period is due is because our pain threshold is markedly lower during this stage of our monthly cycle. This lowered pain threshold is all down to what our premenstrual hormones or as I like to say, “horror-mones” are doing at this time. So if you can avoid this week, do. Who needs the potential of additional insult added to injury? If you can’t…well, just take several deep breaths and keep ‘em coming. Always remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Hope this helps some.

-BM! x

November 13, 2007. beauty tips, grooming, hair, beauty tools, skincare tips, eyebrows. No Comments.

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