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Hello Beauty Marked! Just a quick one to say that I am loving your beauty blog extraordinaire. I was wondering why exfoliation is the key to avoiding ingrown hairs? And does it matter how you exfoliate when it comes to preventing ingrowns?

As happily answered…

Thank you for your great question and kind words. I appreciate them both immensely.

The reason why exfoliating areas that are prone to ingrown hairs that arise from waxing and tweezing generally and very occasionally from shaving is a good idea is because when a new hair grows post a hair removal treatment that relies on damaging the hair follicle as it modus operandi, it usually is a shadow of it’s former self physically. Some hairs no longer possess the same structural fortitude needed to gracefully push through the skin’s surface and can either get trapped below the surface or curl back onto itself which results in an ingrown hair. Ouchy! So if we help the hair along a bit by gently exfoliating the skin and removing the skin build up, the hair’s chances of pushing through the surface unimpeded are greatly improved.

As for which method of exfoliation works best, it really is a matter of personal preference. Gentle chemical exfoliation by AHAs works as does manual exfoliation with a loofah or gentle granular scrubs. The key to successful exfoliation is that you start doing it from your next tub after the initial hair removal and continue daily for at least 7 to 10 days, depending on how speedy your hair re-grows. Most hair has managed to make it past the risk of ingrown stage after this time. It ought to be pretty smooth sailing after this time period, well, that is until it’s time to jump on that hair removal merry-go-round once again. Oh the joys!

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