The Bouf Stops Here.

Or…well…maybe starts here, depending on what floats your flip. Whatever hairstyle your hankering for, you most certainly won’t want to be without a quality hairspray in your holdings. Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus is the one to bouf, I mean beat. Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray delivers true, touchable, extra-hold, humidity resistant control. No self respecting Countess of Coif worth her salt would ever consider being without a trusted can of hairspray for her tresses. Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus is just the iconic styling tool you’re after. What you’ll get when using Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray is hair with added body, steadfast direction and immaculate lift and hold. Not to mention the quick drying Shaper Plus is simply legendary when it comes to medium and heavier textured hair, allowing it to maintain the same long-lasting loft as those with feather-weight locks without being sticky in the least. Not bad, ay?

Ooh, fancy a little bit of Hollywood goss? Well, according to Beauty Marked!’s Hollywood sources:

Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray, along with is little sister, Shaper Hairspray, star as “Ultra Clutch” in the film release of “HAIRSPRAY!”

Embracing their Hollywood roots like never before, Sebastian Professional’s Shaper and Shaper Plus brands are preparing for their big screen debut in the New Line Cinema’s & Roadshow Film’s September 2007 remake of the cult classic, “HAIRSPRAY!” As the official hairspray of “HAIRSPRAY!”, Sebastian Professional Shaper and Shaper Plus will perform behind the scenes and front-and-centre to capture the film’s classic style.

For further information, log onto for more. What a hoot!

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