Ms. Necessity To The Rescue!

Oh Shivers! Did your lipstick just break in two and one of the blasted pieces land smack dab on the front of your blouse or on your lap?! Oh, I hate when that happens. Luckily, our beloved Ms. Necessity (you remember…she’s the mother of invention) has a great way or two out of those little pickles.

*Cue super heroine music which is mega sultry and heaps cooler than Superman’s*

-To remove lipstick stains, dab the offending area with a small cotton bud soaked with eucalyptus oil and launder your blouse or garment as usual. On next wear, you’ll scratch your head and say, “where was that stain again?”

-To repair a broken lipstick bullet, use a match or lighter to heat and only just melt the ends of the broken pieces. Press the bits together and hold for a few moments, replace the cap and place in the fridge to cool and set. Viola! A mended lipstick!

Nicccccceeee. Thanks, Ms. Necessity! xx

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