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You’ve got to talk the talk! (in the most good humoured way of course) I got the best email asking about the terms I used in yesterday’s post O’l Blue Eyes. When I replied to the email, I asked if I could share a bit of the email as the question asked may have also been on the minds of a few of you lovely lasses as well. Plus, it was too good not to share. Our gorgeous Beauty Marked! reader agreed:

“What on earth is the inner V and, well, outer V for that matter? Also, which crease do I apply the eyeshadow to? I seem to have a few creases as I suspect my eyes might be a bit older than yours.”

Well, beautiful one, the terms you asked about from yesterday’s post all refer to areas of makeup placement on the eye.

Crease = The fold just above your top eyelid that is visible when your eyes are open. Applying eyeshadow to this crease area can add definition to your eyes. Mind you, some Asian beauties may not have a visible crease on their eye lids, but only the continuation of the eyelid up to the brow area and won’t really have a need for added definition here, in any case. Remember that dark colours give the illusion that the area it’s used on is moving back or receding, therefore making everything lighter in colour more pronounced. Hence the use of light colours will have the opposite effect making that area more noticeable.

Outer V= The area of your outer upper eyelid that can be drawn like a figurative side lying V between your upper lashline and the outer edge of the crease area of your eye. The pointy bottom section of the V lies in the direction of your ears. The same rules of dark and light also apply here in regards to definition too. The Outer V is also a great place for a small pop of gorgy colour if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

Inner V= This is the area of the eye where the top and bottom lashlines meet. This area also makes a figurative side lying V, where the base of the V is pointing towards the bridge of the nose. The Inner V is absolutely a divine place to drop a bit of highlighting colour. Often a shimmery opalescent , pale gold, or pearly colour used in the Inner V will give you a beautiful, much sought after, wide awake twinkle.

So there you go, a brief rundown of a few makeup terms used to describe the real estate of the eye. But honestly, terms like that inner eye bit, the…um…bendy/curvy/foldy section and that upper outer eye area work good enough for me too. Wink.

What are some of the makeup terms you use?

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