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Five Fabulous BM! Favourites For The Fellas!
  • L'Occitane - Gel Douche des BAVX Shower Gel
  • L'Occitane - BAVX Stick Deodorant
  • Jurlique - FOR MEN Foaming Face Cleanser
  • LUSH - Razorantium Shaving Cream for Tough Stubble
  • LUSH - Cosmetic Lad Skincare for the Boys
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What's hot this season?

We at Beauty Marked! can hardly contain our excitement about all the great new products and special little gems we have sourced just for you.

Here on the What's Hot! page you can find hot new beauty products, how you can achieve that glamorous celebrity look you're after on a next to nothing budget, and find the best places in town for all of your beauty needs.

After all, Beauty Marked! loves nothing more, than to show you how you can get even more gorgeous!

This month Beauty Marked! talks about:

Which beauty products does Beauty Marked! absolutely love? Take a peek at BM!'s beauty hotties and find out what makes her go ga-ga...

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Tough Love!

The best way to whip your skin into shape is to be firm and kiss old, dead skin goodbye by getting stuck into a first class exfoliator. Exfoliated and well moisturized skin will give you that breathtaking radiance you deserve. Beauty Marked! wholeheartedly believes that when it comes to exfoliating, you've got to take the upperhand and show that errant skin who's boss.

Using body and facial scrubs once a week on intact skin will work wonders by freeing supple, fresh and glowy skin from where it is hidden beneath the old, dull and dry skin. Release the inner dominatrix in you and get cracking!

Le Corps
Le Visage
Beauty Trend No# 1 - BM! shares her fav exfoliation beauty secrets.

All That Glitters!

Beauty Marked! can never pass by a bit of shimmery sass. This season the trend of glowing skin and beguiling magnetism continues. We're not talking the full on Mardi Gras Bling, but rather the sensual allure of metals, highlighting our best features, which are plentiful. What's Haute this season is all about using just the right amount of well placed shimmer, opalescence, finely milled glitters, and illuminizing intrigue. Choose an asset and then set it a glow!


M.A.C. Strobe Cream used as a primer adds glowy vitality to your skin when used under your foundation. M.A.C.'s Hydratant Lumineux can be used all over the face or just on the specific areas you wish to illuminate, such as over cheekbones or along the bridge of the nose. Beauty Marked! loves the subtle fragrance too. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Gold is another glimmering secret weapon which gives the skin a sensual smoulder that's unmistakable. This bottle of water based gorgeousness has an SPF of 20. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector can be used as a moisturiser or dabbed on top of your foundation to the areas you wish to highlight. The Body Shop has a a little gem that answers by the name of Tinted Glow Enhancer. Tinted Glow Enhancer can be mixed with your favourite foundation to impart a subtle angelic glow in an instant without settling into your pores. Elizabeth Arden's Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen can be deftly used to highlight, contour, and brighten. The Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen is full of optical diffusers, which are brushed on to blur fine lines and perceived imperfections making the skin look radiant, brighter, and instantly refreshed.


Benefit has created Valley of the Stars Mini Iridescence Kit, which is a veritable one-stop-highlighting-shop! Valley of the Stars is a mirrored box compact that contains mini bottles of Highbeam aka "Supermodel in a Bottle", Moonbeam, Her Glossiness lip gloss, and eyeshadows in Tequila Gold and Snow White (both of which, by the way, are perfect for that inner corner of the eye/wide awake twinkle that we love). Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Aloha is a lavender scented cream base that gives any area a non greasy, light bronzed shimmer that lasts. Beauty Marked! considers it our civic duty to point you in the direction of Jane Iredale's Moonglow. Moonglow is made from pore-friendly 24 karat food grade gold flakes! Moonglow is a luxe quad of golden, bronze, and copper toned shades. The sections can be used anywhere, individually, or swirled together to make a glamourous bronzer to brighten up the complexion. M.A.C. Iridescent Pressed Powder in Star! and Belightful are two compact powders that are simply magic. The aim of the game with any highlighter is to use them to create the look of candlelight gracefully illuminating the forehead, cheekbones, temples and the tip of the nose. These finely-milled lovelies do just that, but all the while doing away with any oiliness. For the cheeks, especially, Beauty Marked! wouldn't be without Clinique Shimmering Tones Powder in Peach Bronze. If you can bring yourself to swipe the compact, this LE patchwork compact gives the cheeks a most glamourous glow. The patchwork squares used individually also work famously as eyeshadows. The choice is yours. Max Factor Terra Mediteerranea Poudre Bronzante in Golden works as a gorgeous burnished blush too.

Tool-wise, the M.A.C. #187 Duo Fibre brush is Beauty Marked!'s pick of the lightweight circular brushes used to apply the perfect amount of glitz and glamour to your face and body. Fan brushes also come into their own when used for highlighting. Beauty Marked! finds expertly placing powdered cheek highlights child's play when using BECCA's Bronzer/Shimmer Fan #39. This badger haired brush picks up all the powder you need, making it practically impossible to overdo.


For alluring eyes, your first port of call has to be your local M.A.C. counter to pick up M.A.C.'s Fluidlines in Frostlite and Graphic Brown. These two gel eyeliners make a long lasting and effortless eyeliner but also a killer base. As a base, have a look at how gorgeous M.A.C.'s Blue Brown pigment looks on top. Blue Brown pigment gives the eye a glossy wet look that is reminiscent of an exotic Egyptian Scarab. Divine! Another M.A.C. eye essential for the season of beguilling magnetism is the Glitter Eye Liner in Peacocky. This bejewelled tourquise liner just takes your look into fun party mode without compromising on class.

Beauty Marked! was also able to recreate the eyes of the season with the assistance of BECCA Line and Illuminate Pencil in Mustique. Mustique is a dual ended pencil with a shimmery rich brown eyeliner on one end and a pearly pink highlighter on the other. This long wearing pencil can be smudged and blended to create a scintillating eye. Cover Girl Eye Slicks gel eye colour pencil in Glistening Gold is a marvelous, totally not gaudy gold, for the corners of the inner eye that adds sparkle.


No self respecting doyen of beauty would be without the perfect gloss in her arsenal. What's Haute this season are moisterising lip glosses packed with sensational shine. Trucco Divinyls Lip Gloss in Baby Doll, is that perfect warm, super pigmented, shimmery pink gloss that you have always been looking for. M.A.C. Lip Gelee in Gemshine, from the Jewelescent Collection, is another absolute "must have". This bronzey peach gloss with silver microsparkle just exudes opulence that so befits this look. Divine!

Body & Hair

Creative Scentsations Hand and Body Lotion in Vanilla Shimmer by Creative is an ultra affordable bit of luxuriousness to enswathe yourself in. Brilliance Powder in Bronze Satin from The Body Shop is a "big girls" fairy dust wand that casts the most glorious glittery spell over you for those magical Summer evenings. Lush Glam Rock Hair Glitter. What fun! This round block of bicarbonate glittery gorgeousness smells unreal and when lightly stroked through your hair deposits masses of sparkles which are guaranteed to rock on as long as you do!

Have fun, fun, fun, fun with this Beauty Marked! Haute look for the season. After all, that's what it's all about!

Beauty Trend No# 2 - Check out the latest looks for base, face, eyes, lips, body & hair.

Hot BM! Tip:
If you find that there is a little too much glitter fallout for your liking, just grab a bit of sticky tape and lightly touch the sticky side of the tape on top of the rogue bit of glitter and Voila! What glitter?

"Now What Blush Am I Meant To Wear With This Lipstick?"

You've found your Holy Grail of lipsticks and blush, but they don't actually go together. Ugh ... now what? Beauty Marked! has picked a few fabbo lip and cheek combinations for you and hopefully taken some of the guess work out of finding the perfect match. Plus, don't forget, you can always be creative and mix and match the unconventional with the traditional and rock it like the hottest thing this season and have it work. We have coupled a few classic products together and encourage you to check out some of the hottest new dual cheek and lip products, just to be sure to be sure... Wink.

Beauty Marked! also believes that by having a few dual lip/cheek products in your arsenal, you will, forevermore, be free of the "what lip with what blush?" conundrum... That's got to be a good thing!

Just a few of BM!'s Favourite Multi-Use products
  • Stila - Convertible Colour in Petunia, Lillium and Rose
  • Bobbi Brown - Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Blushed Rose
  • BECCA - Lip and Cheek Creme in Rosebud
  • NARS - The Multiple in Sumatra
  • Bloom - Sheer Colour Cream in Who Me?
  • M.A.C Cream Colour Base in Fabulush

**NARS, Stila, and Lip Fusion cosmetics are available from Mecca Cosmetica Australia-wide. Bobbi Brown is available from select David Jones Stores nationally.

Beauty Trend No# 3 - BM! makes choosing lipsticks and blush simple.

Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty 101

BM! Beauty Lesson #1

Bombshell Beauty is all about self-assuredness, great grooming, and a generous spirit. It's all about you! The most important thing to remember about being a Bombshell Beauty is that at the core of breathtaking beauty is a heartfelt smile. Everything else from there is just "old school" Beauty Marked!Bombshell Beauty basics 101.

A Beauty Marked! Bombshell is one who pays attention to the little things. A Beauty Marked! Bombshell harnesses all the finer beauty details and utilises them to showcase her inner beauty. Beauty is, absolutely, in the detail.

The basics:

Sunscreen is an absolute must. It matters not if you think you'll be indoors most of the day or if it's looking a bit overcast when you start your day. When it comes to sunscreen, "if it's not on... it's not on". Think nothing of adding a protective layer of sun block, with a decent SPF, prior to applying your makeup in the mornings. Clinique Super City Block SPF 30+ is a great oil free option that also doubles as a primer.

Speaking of primers, there's certainly nothing like a good primer to prep the best canvas in anticipation for your makeup. Primers serve many purposes. For instance, they add longevity to your makeup and allow it to apply and sit better on your face. A good primer can fill in fine lines and pores, and help keep shine at bay. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is one such primer not to be missed. The next step is to apply all the requisite foundation bits. BECCA's 3-Step Skin Perfecting Make-Up System has, easily, the widest range of shades available. You will be pretty hard pressed not to find your perfect foundation match in the myriad of colours that comprise BECCA Luminous and Stick foundations, Concealers, and Fine Loose Finishing powders. If wearing foundation is not your thing and you do like a bit of colour on your skin Beauty Marked! would love to introduce you to Vani-T Body Custard. This little gem is a bronzing moisturiser with a hint of active self tanner for a healthy looking glow. Ideal for combating the dreaded post lurgy pallor.

As for the brows, they not only frame our face, but set the tone for our image. A Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty is uncompromising when it comes to her brows. Brows are to be immaculately groomed and maintained. Rubis Slant Point Tweezers (available from www.datelinecity.com) are the Bentleys of brow tools. Great tweezers are the one brow tool one shouldn't be without. We recommend that every Beauty Marked! Bombshell visit a highly recommended brow specialist at least once in her life. Use your tweezers to maintain the expert shape created by a brow specialist and to disappear any rogue strays. Brows may benefit from a wee bit of subtle filling in, quite possibly due to a variety of reasons, stemming from genetics, ill health, stress, or overzealous plucking. Brow powders often give a more natural finish to our cherished arches, but quality pencils can also do the trick. Do keep in mind, that black pencils and powders aren't ever called for in defining the brows, even if your hair is black. Black can look a tad Marxian (as in Groucho Marx-ian) and harsh. DuWop Browwow is a natty mirrored compact filled with a defining powder paired with a finishing gloss for shine and control and a shimmer cream to highlight the brow bone. DuWop Browwow is available from MECCA Cosmetica Australia-wide. Pencil-wise, checkout The Body Shop Brow Definer for a long-lasting, super pigmented pencil.

It's all about the lashes for a Beauty Marked Bombshell. It's imperative that eyelashes be va Va Voom gorgeous. Lashes are to be curled to perfection and lovingly caressed by lashings of mascara. Beauty Marked! is quite taken by Max Factor Masterpiece Volume & Defining Mascara. The fantastic thing about Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara is not only it's groovy rubber wand, but that it gets even better with use. Add a tad of alluring, polished colour to your lashes with YSL Mascara Longuer Intense in Purple. On initial approach this gorgeous purple mascara looks like most other quality dark mascaras, but on closer inspection, it's true, captivating brilliance is revealed. If your concerned with the length of your lashes or feel they are sparser than you'd like, Elizabeth Arden Lash Optimizer is for you. Elizabeth Arden Lash Optimizer is a lash primer with conditioners. This primer optimizes the look of your lashes by enhancing the effect of your mascara. When applied under your mascara, the eyelashes appear thicker and longer. If you're a waterproof mascara kinda gal, and still searching for your Holy Grail WP mascara, then you will just adore Clarins Fix Mascara. Clarins Fix Mascara waterproofs your favourite mascara. This little Clarins number is applied, after you have used your preferred mascara, in a thin, but mega effective, final coat. Ta da! Waterproofed lashes!

BM! Beauty Lesson #2

A Beauty Marked! Bombshell's eyes are elegant and devastatingly classy. The lids are awash with classic, pigment-rich, shadows and well placed liner. If you prefer a more streamline eyeshadow collection, having a few eyeshadow palettes on hand will be the way to go. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes are a Beauty Marked! Bombshell's staple. TBS Shimmer Cube Palette 07 is a great choice. It consists of Argyle Pink, Rich Bronze, Ruby, and Silver separate shimmer cubes that can be used both wet and dry. Bobbi Brown LE Gold Shimmer Brick Compact is a lovely palette of five golden pressed-powder stripes that can be used individually or swirled together for a divine un-garish gold. The Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Brick Compact can be used on the eyes and makes a fierce highlighter for the rest of the face as well. Eyeliner certainly has a place in the Beauty Marked! Bombshell's repertoire. Eyes lined to perfection add much appreciated definition to your face. If you fancy liquid eyeliner, Beauty Marked! recommends you have a squizz at Bloom Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony Brown. Bloom's Ebony Brown liquid liner is pigment packed, just that little bit different and slightly more subtle than straight black liquid liner. For long-wearing, hard working eyeliners, that don't budge, Beauty Marked! wouldn't consider being without Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners in both Graphite Shimmer and Violet Ink. Bobbi Brown's Graphite Shimmer and Violet Ink are two gel liners that are exceedingly pretty and extraordinarily long-lasting. They can even handle tight lining and the waterline without a hitch. Pencil lined eyes are also alluring. Clinique Cream Shaper Starry Plum is your "must have" coolish plum liner with a modicum of shimmer that applies like a dream and will hang around until you ask it to stand down. Ever wish your favourite eyeshadow or pigment came as an eyeliner? Well thanks to ModelCo Magic Water Powder To Line, you can now easily transform eyeshadow into a water resistant eyeliner. This nifty little box of ModelCo "magic" comes with it's own mini mixing dish and brush. How handy is that?

The Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty's blush can vary from the cheek of the innocent to the emboldened. It's all about what excites you at the time. Bourjois Paris is back in town and still making it's wonderful baked, highly pigmented blushes we remember. Bourjois blush in Brun Illusion is a gorgeous little shimmery number to take note of. BECCA Creme Blush in Lotus is divine worn solo, but takes on a whole new dimension, when a bit of BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder in Athena is gracefully brushed on top. Divine!

Lips in mint condition are a Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty's trademark. Be they nude, classic red, or many colours in between. The one thing we do know is that a lady and her lip gloss are never parted. In keeping with this tradition, Cover Girl Outlast Double in Bronze Goddess is a long-lasting lip gloss that is sure to stay faithful to you throughout the day. The quintessential red lip is synonymous with Bombshell beauty. M.A.C. Lustre Lipstick Rouge Noir is just that red. Elizabeth Arden Jewels & Velvet Compact for Lips immediately caught Beauty Marked!'s eye. This sophisticated red quilted case filled with four jewel-tone shades of lipstick in Elizabeth Arden's Plump Perfect formula delivers lip plumping, moisturising, and voluptuous colour. For days when you choose to go without colour and sport your lips in all their deserved, well pampered perfection, [A'kin] Sweet Blossom & Jojoba Pure Essential Lip Balm is a fantastic way to soothe, soften, and protect the lips from the elements.

To finish it all off, a Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty may like to spritz her hair in Narciso Rodriguez - for Her Hair Mist for the ultimate in glamour. Her Hair Mist refines and polishes the hair, is infused with Narciso Rodriquez signature scent, Her, and is available from selected MYER stores nationally. This special touch provides beauty and grace that lingers. Need we say more?

Always remember, ladies, that the hallmark of a Bombshell Beauty is that she remains uncompromisingly true to herself and reflects outwardly the abundance of beauty that lies within. The real lesson to be learned in Beauty Marked! Bombshell Beauty Basics 101, is that You Are Beautiful!

Beauty Trend No# 1 - Beauty School is in thanks to BM!.
Just a few smouldering Beauty Marked! Hotties
Beauty Hottie - Barbie and M.A.C. announce an unprecedented global partnership!

Barbie and M.A.C. announce an unprecedented global partnership!

"As one of the most recognizable faces in the world, it is only fitting that Barbie® would partner with M.A.C, the world's premier colour cosmetics company," said Richard Dickson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Worldwide for Mattel. "Barbie® and M.A.C continually set the global style agenda, and our collaboration will not only have the fashion and beauty community but the world ablaze this spring." Gorgeous M.A.C.'d Out! Barbie will be on counter and online in all her glory with her iconoclastic makeup collection from March 5th, 2007. *Long gone off counter but we still love it anyway! It's a bit tragic we know. www.maccosmetics.com.au

Benefit Some Kind-a-Gorgeous.

Benefit has wowed us once again with a nifty cream-to-powder foundation compact that they say is so translucent that the finish will provide silky, even perfection for most complexions! Beauty Marked! agrees, this product is an instant "beauty boost" any time of day! Check out Some Kind-a-Gorgeous at www.benefitcosmetics.com. Benefit is available at select MYER stores nationally.

Red Earth's Ethnic Discovery range.

The Ethnic Discovery Range is full of gorgeousness that invites us to reinvent a rejuvenated new you. The LE Ethnic Discovery Collection features 3 new products: Visual Affair eyeshadow quad, Hot Flush blush quad, and Glossed Over lip duo. These beautiful offerings comprise the Spring/Summer Collection by Red Earth and is available from select Priceline stores nationally in limited stocks.

The Limited Edition Schick Quattro for Women Go!

A high performance, precision shave wherever you go this summer. Schick Quattro for Women Go! features the new LE periwinkle purple handle, 2 cartridges, 1 shower hanger all in a free travel case. Bonus! This handy little number is available from Woolworths, major independent grocery stores, mass retailers and pharmacy stores nationally.

M.D. Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross.

This two-step system used daily does, indeed, refine your skin by improving the skin's firmness, tone and texture. Pore size and the appearance of breakouts are greatly diminished. The Daily Face Peel restores radiance with a calibrated blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids. M.D. Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is available from all Mecca Cosmetica stores.

BECCA Beach Tint.

This little cheek and lip beauty does indeed deliver. This highly blendable watermelon scented dream is oil free, practically waterproof, and streak proof and sets to a non-greasy finish. This creme stain is suitable for all skintypes and colourings. Beauty Marked! suggests you run and get this little number A.S.A.P.! BECCA products are available at select MYER stores nationally and www.beccacosmetics.com.

Living Nature Rich Day Cream.

This Manuka honey and Totara rich cream deeply moisturises, is non greasy, imparts strong antioxidants, and contains sun filters with an equivalent of SPF 15. Living Nature products are available from Priceline, selected pharmacies and healthfood stores nationally. Phone 1800 002 262 or visit www.livingnature.com.au for stockist details.

The Clinique Foundation Station at David Jones.

The Clinique Foundation Station is exclusive to David Jones, Elizabeth Street, Sydney. The Foundation Station offers the most comprehensive range of Clinique Foundations seen anywhere in the world. This "extensive range already offers 11 formulas and over 90 shades, and the Foundation Station will extend on this even further offering greater depth of colour and formulas including some especially created for places like the Middle East and Japan". Within the next few months, you can expect to see a minimum of 19 Clinique foundation formulas and 250 shades, with even more launching soon after! Phone 1800 061 326. How exciting!

iBrush Nano-Ionic Conditioning Brush Collection.

This 7 piece brush collection is comprised of brushes where the bristles and barrel of each brush is coated with the long-lasting Nano-IonicTM Mineral Technology to emit the most natural negative ions and far infrared energy. This Hybrid Mineral Technology helps control frizzies, seal split ends, adds body and shine, and hydrates and conditions all while brushing. The iBrush Nano-Ionic Conditioning Brush Collection is available in over 200 salons nationwide. Call 1300 308 816 or visit www.bioionic.com.au for stockist details.

Prevage Anti-aging Formula.

Elizabeth Arden announces the launch of it's much awaited anti-aging skincare product, PREVAGE anti-aging treatment. This luxe product is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Elizabeth Arden and Allergan (makers of Botox Cosmetic). PREVAGE contains Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant ingredient with demonstrated protective and revitalising effects. Beauty Marked! would wholeheartedly agree that this revolutionary gem is indeed, "the next big thing in anti-aging." PREVAGE is available from select MYER stores nationally. Call 1800 015 500.

L'Occitane Shea Mum and Baby Balm.

Is an absolute must have in any baby's beauty arsenal. This pot of magic has been specially formulated to meet the needs of newborns, infants, and their mum's. Designed to be used as a massage balm, but functions as a whole lot more. The Mum and Baby Balm is made of 40% Fair Trade Shea Butter, 40% Coconut Oil, 8% Grapeseed oil, and the remainder is comprised of oatmeal, which is rich in lipids and Calendula Extract. This luxe Balm comes in both a 50ml and 150ml tin. Visit www.loccitane.com for more.

Terax Gloss.

Terax Hair Care has a new look, new formulations, but the same cult following. Beauty Marked! is enamoured with the Terax Hair Care range, but particularly smitten with Terax Gloss. Gloss is a super concentrated silicone serum which gives your hair outrageous shine without any of the quasi-oiliness and weight of many other serums. Terax Hair Care products are available at many professional hair care salons, select David Jones, Price Attack stores, and Hairhouse Warehouse stores.

Naked Glow for Face and Body.

Naked Glow is a tinted moisturiser for face and body. Sensual, shimmering radiance for the face and body that is suited to a myriad of skintones with an SPF of 20 is what you get with this essential beauty product. Naked Glow is available at leading pharmacies, Priceline stores, and select day spas and salons. For stockist information contact Total Beauty Network or call 1300 765 332.

Dermalogica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel.

Dermalogica has outdone itself once again. Precleanse is the Professional's deep cleansing weapon! This plant based cleansing oil thoroughly melts layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, makeup, and environmental pollutants that can build up throughout the day. The beauty of this product is that it easily rinses away all the oil based debris from the skin's surface allowing Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel to penetrate even further. Beauty Marked! found this dynamic duo delivers a powerhouse clean. check out www.dermalogica.com for more info and stockist's details.

Trucco Holographic Powder Collection by Sebastian.

The Trucco Angel Face Palette contains five velvety and luminescent colours (gold, blue, red, violet, and green) that look white at first glance, but when worn, create a holographic effect on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. When this futuristic pressed powder is worn on top of a base, all you'll see is intense saturated colour. Trucco Angel Face Holographic Powder Collection is available from Sebastian Trucco Collective Salons nationally. Log onto www.sebastianprofessional.com or call 1300 728 333 for your local stockist.

Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Anti-age System.

Wait for it... finally a skincare system that actively seeks to repair the 80% of skin aging that's a result of external influences such as diet, lifestyle, pollutants, and exposure to sunlight which leads to damage at the core of the skin cell: DNA. The DNAge Cell Renewal formula contains a combination of Folic Acid and Creatine which is touted to increase healthy skin production and protect the cell's DNA, thus reducing premature aging of the skin.

WELLA High Hair Finishing Spray in Ultra Control.

Who ever thought there could be a hairspray that stays committed to holding your hairstyle in place all the while maintaining supple and natural looking hair? Beauty Marked! didn't believe it either, but WELLA High Hair Finishing Spray certainly does. The exclusive formula utilizes Multi Active Protector, which is a complex of ingredients with UV Filters and pro vitamins. For stockist information call 1300 885 002.