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So with my darling grandmother in mind, here are a few Beauty Tips, that make great sense!


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Here are a few beauty tips that make great sense.

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When applying several coats of mascara does one coat need to dry before applying the next one?

Many thanks for your great question.

Beauty Marked! prefers to always apply more than one coat in immediate succession. We've found that if you wait until each coat dries before applying the next you will, more than likely, doubly or even trebly increase the chances of your mascara going flaky and or clumpy.

So we definitely suggest that once you open your mascara tube just partially pull out the wand give it a few turns while still in the tube and remove it completely (no pumping of the wand allowed as this dries out your mascara tremendously).

The amount of mascara on the wand should be sufficient for a few coats of mascara. Then apply your mascara from lash root to tip, one coat at a time to each eye. So first do one eye's top lashes, then the other eye's top lashes then the bottom lashes (if desired) of the first eye, before heading over to the bottom lashes of the other eye.

By applying your mascara to both eyes in this manner, you will be able to, hopefully, avoid your lashes clumping together, get great mascara coverage, and the best lash separation.

I seem to get several blackheads along the sides of my nose and on my chin. I do a scrub daily and this seems to make little difference with the exception of adding a few white head pimples and extra oil to my otherwise normal skin typed face. Argh! I am sure this is not meant to work this way. What would you suggest I do? Any product suggestions that you think might help would also be greatly appreciated.

How annoying. It seems as though all your well intentioned work might be adding insult to injury to your skin. We feel your pain.

Firstly, Beauty Marked! would recommend that you cut back on the daily facial exfoliation to once a week, twice possibly if you are using a mild facial exfoliant only. Often times, too frequent exfoliation can dry out your skin so much, that it causes a rebound oiliness that's a direct result of the skin being stripped of it's natural oils which then causes the skin to go into over production/self preservation mode. This over zealous scrubbing may well be the cause of the rebound spots and oiliness that you have mentioned. So cutting back to a weekly scrub and perhaps the use of a couple of really fab skincare treatment products by Mario Badescu may be of assistance.

Beauty Marked! is rather fond of Mario Badescu Silver Powder for a great way to encourage the old “heave ho” to blackheads, clogged pores, and excessive t-zone oil. Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion spot applied to white heads and pimples overnight is also a zippy way to handle these nuisance eruptions. Mario Badescu is available in Australia from Kit Cosmetics.

Don't forget to moisturise regularly too. It is especially important to use a moisturiser that is akin to your skin type. What we mean is, even though you are experiencing additional nuisance oiliness and pore congestion, that doesn't necessarily mean that you now have to be restricted to skincare for oily skin. More than likely, the increased oil production will settle and your skin will return to it's normal skin type state with the adoption of this approach.

So a moisturiser and a cleanser for "normal" skin would be the most suitable as that's what you were prior to your recent outbreaks. Fingers crossed this helps.

Do let us know at Beauty Marked! how you got on and if we can be of any further assistance. It would be our pleasure!

It is just as well that Beauty Marked! will answer questions anonymously as this question is one I have wanted to have answered for ages, but was too embarrassed to ask. I want to know what's the go with attending to pubic hair? I am a little confused about what I should do about it, if anything. I have heard some talk about "Brazilians", what exactly is this and is there a type of grooming "etiquette" for such matters?

Ah...Horticulture of the Nether Regions. Yes, this aspect of grooming does seem to engender it’s fair share, if not more, of giggles, blushing, and tight leg crossing. Beauty Marked! certainly considers it important for an individual to tend to matters of grooming involving the Nether Regions.

Most people are familiar with bikini waxing or clipping, but may not be as intimately aware of more substantial hair removal in the pubic area involved in what has been generally understood as having a "Brazilian". In the most accurate terms, a "Brazilian" is when one has a majority of the hair removed from the pubic region (a very rigourous "bikini line") except for a strip patch of hair left down the centre of the Mons Pubis (the Map of Tassie), better known as a landing strip. The hair can be removed by many means, but most often by waxing, sugaring, shaving, epilating, tweezing, or by laser. Most commonly, it is done by waxing though.

The removal of ALL hair in the pubic region is known as a “XXX” or “Hollywood”, but is also known by a few other rather creative names, just to keep us all guessing. It seems as though the "Brazilian" with all it's many permutations is very popular these days, both with the young and older. It is generally appreciated and accepted that one should keep the area of the Nether Regions tidy and well shorn. Regular grooming for both men and women can be attended to by waxing, shaving or by other more quasi permanent means, which are entirely up to you. It matters little what type of "Horticulture" style you choose (e.g. all off or closely cropped), but that the area is kept neat and maintained.

Let Beauty Marked! know if you have any further queries, or would like hints and tips regarding any of the grooming methods used for Horticulture of the Nether Regions. Beauty Marked! is all to happy to assist.

Hello Beauty Marked! I must admit, that I wait with baited breath for each new www.beautymarked.com.au update. I consider your magazine amongst the most informative of any of the beauty sources around. Thank you.

I seem to be plagued with this persistent smudging of my eyeliner, no matter what I do. What is wrong with me? Have I got some strange defective eyeliner smudging gene that I don't know about? Panda bear eyes really don't suit me, but I feel like I need some sort of extra definition in my eye area, otherwise my face just looks flat. Is there anything you can suggest?

Well, short of rocking the Panda Bear eyes like you mean it, because the Heroin-chic look is a modern classic... Only kidding. Luckily, there's a couple other things you might like to try.

Often times it is the type of eyeliner you choose as well as the degree of oils (either in the makeup and skincare used or naturally occurring) present on your lids and the under eye area that's the culprit.

For example, if you are a fan of cream based products and aren't into the habit of setting these products with a light dusting of powder, the oils in these products will get to work at dissolving your eyeliner causing it to smudge. Hello Panda Bear! Not to mention that some of us seem to be "blessed" with naturally oily lids. Sigh. In this instance, an eye makeup primer and an ultra light dusting of powder to set prior to applying your eyeliner should help a lot.

Gel Eyeliners, other water resistant eyeliners, and applying a corresponding powder shadow or pigment directly on top of the area lined will certainly add longevity to your liner and halt a fair bit of the smudging if not all.

Especially if the eyeliners are placed over lightly powdered lids and above powdered under eye areas. An additional benefit of placing a pigment or shadow on top of water resistant liners is that it adds fantastic dimension to the total eye look. Beauty Marked! adores this method particularly. With the simple addition of a good liner brush and a reasonably steady hand, you can achieve such gorgeous looks.

If this is sounding like a little too much work, then perhaps you might like to just try your luck with a good quality water resistant, long wearing, eyeliner. A few of Beauty Marked!'s favs are available from the cosmetic houses of Stila, M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown.

Thank you for your email and all the best. Feel free to shoot us an email anytime. We'd love to hear from you!