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I am a beauty coach, an intuitive beauty consultant, freelance beauty writer and makeup artist with a very special interest in beauty for Women of Colour and delight in nothing more than showing ALL women how beautiful they (already) are!


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Who is Beauty Marked!®

My name is Jen Adcock and I am the Director of Beauty Marked!®

I am a beauty coach®, an intuitive beauty consultant, freelance beauty writer and makeup artist with a very special interest in beauty for Women of Colour and delight in nothing more than showing ALL women how beautiful they (already) are!

I hail from New York City and have enjoyed living and growing in Sydney Australia for over 25 years. I am a Registered Nurse and an extraordinarily proud wife and mother of 7 children.

During my time in Australia, I continue to research and write about the flourishing community of Women of Colour residing in Australia.

It is out of their generous spirit and expressions of their wants and desires to fully explore their beautiful selves, within an Australian context, that I write and that Beauty Marked! was born.

Beauty Marked! endeavours to continue being a definitive beauty resource for ALL people, of all colours, ages, and backgrounds. Beauty Marked! delights in nothing more than to bring you high calibre information, product, and services in Australia and overseas. In being true to our desire to assist ALL women in actualizing their infinite beauty, Beauty Marked! ensures that Women of Colour are also, catered to. As traditionally, this vital element of our society is often overlooked. That’s why you can always count on Beauty Marked! for having a “ little something” which is, truly, for everyone.

Jen Adcock
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Beauty Marked!
Beauty Marked! loves nothing more than researching and sourcing all things beauty for ALL women. According to Beauty Marked! "... ALL women are beautiful."
Beauty Marked! Services

Beauty Articles For Editorial

Beauty Marked! specializes in writing beauty editorial for Australian and International magazines, dailies, and online media. Beauty Marked! beauty articles are for publication and are created specifically for the readership and the demographics of the publication. Beauty Marked!’s beauty articles let ALL women know they are beautiful!

If you would like to organize editorial content with BM! Contact Us.

Private Consultations & Beauty Seminars

Enhance your natural beauty with beauty coaching and personal assistance from Beauty Marked!. Simply contact us with your details and we will set up a time for your perfectly individualized beauty consultation. Beauty Marked! can assist you in creating a highly usable and tailored makeup wardrobe, show you beauty techniques that will enhance your infinite beauty.

Feel free to contact Beauty Marked! directly to enroll in any of the professional Infinite Beauty™ or Great Grooming™ Seminars being held in several major cities across the country!

contact us It's our complete pleasure to be of service.

Definitive Beauty Resource

Beauty Marked! is regarded as the definitive resource for all things beauty for Women of Colour and beyond. We would like to invite beauty editors, consultants, and companies to utilize Beauty Marked!’s expertise for answering any questions and concerns regarding beauty for Women Of Colour and beyond and to assist you in tailoring your business to maximize the level and quality of services being offered.

Quality information and resources are only of value if they are shared!

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FOR EDITORS ONLY - Hot off the press!

Here's an opportunity to browse through a sample of a few of Beauty Marked!'s articles. Each article features great make-up tips and innovative ideas on beauty.

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Beauty Article 1 - The Windows of the Soul

It is so often said that the eyes are the windows of the Soul. Here at Beauty Marked! we couldn't agree more. So why not do a little creative window dressing?

In this special feature Beauty Marked! will be focusing on gorgeous eye make-up. We at Beauty Marked! will let you in on a few trade secrets, which will allow you to take a fun and soul inspiring journey into ways in which you can create breathtakingly beautiful eyes!........

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Beauty Article 1 - Windows of the Soul

Beauty Article 2 - What's Haute this Season!

What's the "big" colour this season? What's on the faces of the girls gracing the catwalk? Is it big lips, big eyes or the dewy natural look?

Beauty Marked! is all too pleased to fill you in on what's Haute in make-up this season. Beauty Marked! takes a special look at what really works for Women of Colour by taking the pick of what's Haute........

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Beauty Article 2 - What's Haute this Season?

Beauty Article 3 - What colour palette are you?

If someone asked you whether you were cool or warm, would you immediately think they were asking you about your current body temperature? Would your well mannered response be, "I am quite comfortable, thank you very much". Well, not only would your mother be proud of your well bred reply, but you would not be alone in thinking that's what they were asking. So many women have no idea to what exactly this question is referring to or what exactly their colour palette category would be.

What that question is referring to is, are you warm toned or cool toned in complexion? Your colour palette is divided into 2 categories based on your skin tone: Warm and Cool.

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Beauty Article 3 - What Colour Palette Are You?

Beauty Article 4 - Is your make-up look a bit like the LBD?

Safe and boring? Yes, we at Beauty Marked! have had to come to terms with the fact that the trusty "little black dress" is on it's way out and so might your make-up style be. It is so easy, like the LBD, to put on the same style and colour eyes, lips and cheeks and be out the door. But what you mightn't realise is that your make-up style may be a dead give away to the fact that you're in a make-up rut.

Beauty Marked! would love to share with you tons of ideas on how you can break free from the snoozey rut and inspire you to get even more gorgeous!

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Beauty Article 4 - Is your make-up look a bit like the LBD?